Since you’ve reached this page I’m guessing you’re wondering who we are and what we’re all about. Well we’re just a bucnch of handy men, hoping to spread our wisdom throughout this big wide world called the internet. From time to time we may sell you guides and offer you a chance to sign up to our blog, in the hope that one day You’ll take us up on the offer. But be rest assured for the most part all of what you see on here is mainly free and exclusive to you, our readers. We started this blog because of all the impractical ‘knowledge’ and fluff that we have found out there for DIY projects. There are many average men and women out there more than capable of doing ‘complicated’ tasks, with the help of a little guidance broken down into simple steps.


We hope that you find your way through our blog easily enough and we’re more than happy to answer and questions that you may have.