The Reason Behind Doing It Yourself

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All of the time people hear about someone taking on a project, or doing work that needs to be done, but most of them automatically assume it’s about saving money.  To simplify it as just that would be absurdly incorrect!  It may be true the savings that usually comes with it is very enticing, but there is a lot more to it than that.  Many would take the project on for personal pride, accomplishment, and as a boost of self-esteem.  Working with your hands put you in the sort of mood to get your hands dirty plunging them elbows deep into whatever project you’re working on no matter how dirty they get to get the job done.  You know you’re done only when you no longer care about the money you spent, because the money turned into something better.  As soon as you are done the photos immediately get posted on your social media pages, are messaged to all of your friends, and you finally get the self-satisfaction you earned while discussing with your friends what you’ve done by yourself.

After your first project you begin to almost immediately yearn for more which is how a hobby takes place, or maybe even a job.  Passion is a very powerful motivator that should be behind your hands in any project you work on yourself otherwise it will reflect on to your work and will subconsciously make ill of your hard work.  The more passion the more elaborate your new favorite practice becomes.  The more elaborate your work then the more tools you need.  Now the next thing you have is a work bench set up in your garage, and your working on new passion after you get off of your day job.  One day you’ll realize that you’ve gotten great, and the demand is there so you’ll get a website or store page of your own to share your hard work with the world.  You realize that your day job gets more miserable, and the next thing you know you’ve taken the leap of faith in yourself by quitting that job to take a chance on what you love.

DIY projects don’t always go exactly as planned, or are never completed at all!  Nobody is perfect, and no invention after its many years has been “perfected,” then never improved once again.  The beauty of DIY is that nothing is final, and there is always something to do to keep you preoccupied whether you are tired of failing, or need a challenge.  To make it easier on yourself you can incorporate what you’re already good at whether it is hand tools, art, crafts, cosplay, video games, or anything else you already spend your days doing.  There isn’t a single passion in the world that hasn’t be made into a day job so how hard could it be right?  The more difficult it is the more incredible it is.  Once you’ve succeeded and know the secret behind the magic trick that’s when the magic goes away, and you’re ready for a DIY project even more difficult and more incredible!

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